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[at-l] trip report

This is my second trip and I was encouraged to post it.  Hope you enjoy.  

My friend and I decided to go on a hike.  Other were supposed to come but
half of our pary was unable to go so it was just me and my buddy.  We
started at the Blue Blaze Hostel in PA north or Duncannon and decided to
head north.  Mr. Tobias, the hostel keeper was really nice and we talked to
him for a while before starting out on Monday.  We got a late start and
hiked just a few miles till it got dark.                 

        Tuesday morning we met our first hiker.  He was a thru hiker heading
north.  He didn't have mch to say and did not seem real excited about
hiking.  We later found out he is Trail Trooper, a PA State Ppolice man
thruhiking the AT.  He could only get 3 months off and plans on doing it in
3 months.  I guess he started at the very end of March and plans on
finishing in June.  He hikes about 25+ mile a day and on one day did 38.
His body is paying the price.  Every night he sleeps with his feet on top of
his pack to reduce their swelling.  I guess he is not having any fun but
still wants to finish.         That day we hiked 11 miles to 501 shelter.
I've always heard about the rocks, but I was unprepared to what he faced.  I
never thought you could hike for over a quarter mile and not touch or even
see dirt.  It took a while for us to get used to the trail.  We were
relieved to get to the 501 shelter.  It was beautiful.  I guess it was an
artist's studio that he built and it is completly enclosed with a 5 ft.
polygon skylight.  It has about 7 bunks and its own toilet.  Real nice.  We
met up with  Crunchy and Supe thru hikers from GA.  They started in early
Feb. and are enjoying their hike so far.  We gave them some of our extra
gorp and enjoyed their company.  They also have a web page that is reporting
on their hike http://www.arches.uga.edu/~kramer/hike.html .

          Wednesday we headed out and tackled 14 miles.  More rock terrain.
Two miles from the shelter we tought of giving up.  My Friend had really bad
blisters and it hurt him to hike.  We fianlly made it though.  Eneded up at
the Eagles nest Shelter.  Supe and Crusty hiked to the same shelter and
arrived a bit after us.  Even they were complaineg about the rocks.  That
night we slept like babys.           
    Thursday was our last day of hiking and traveled down 9 miles to Port
Clinton.  We were tired and  the blisters were bad.  We got a ride back to
the Blue Blaze and headed out.  It was a good couple days of hiking and
finally got to experience the PA rocks.  Thanks for the help of the list.
All the advice realy helped us out.
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