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Re: [at-l] pack list


Looks good, but I can tell you from experience that you will want a full
length sleeping pad unless you're really short. I'm going to get one after
salivating over Gutsy's during our hike. I'm 5'5' and I found that on my
3/4 Thermarest, my ankles hang over it and get sore. Not a good way to
start the morn. Re: the cookset, unless you feel the need to be a gourmet
you only need 1 pot, 1 lid, and a spoon (well, maybe a fork for ramen, I
haven't gotten the hang of eating that with a spoon). Don't forget the
antacid and Imodium tablets! 

As far as the lobster goes, I met a hiker at Trail Days carrying a mini
stuffed tiger with a handmade "dog pack" on its back. To each his (or her)

And I tried it, but I won't ditch my underwear either, yet. Even if I do
have to dry my bra out over the fire every night...<G>

Enjoy the hike!

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