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[at-l] Bandana update & halter how to

So far I think all of the additional bandana suggestions
have made it to a list except one.  That was for people
who have little to no hair on their heads to use the
bandana as extra insulation in their hats.  Seems like
it would help people with hair too.

A number of people asked how to make a halter top
out of one.  And yes you do need a large bandana for
this--at least 36 inches for a size 6-8 woman.

Scrunch up a bit of the center of the inside of the
bandana.  Wrap a rubber band around it.  (About an
inch and a half should stick through the band.)
The rubberband needs to fit tightly.
Turn band side toward body.
Tie top two corners around neck.
Tie bottom two corners around waist.

Instead of a rubberband, you can use an elastic
hair band, or a piece of string.  Duct tape might
work too, but I haven't tried it :-).


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