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[at-l] Northbounder in NY!

     My wife & I were out on the AT, on our weekend day hike, when I 
     came upon a fully-loaded, lean, fit backpacker.  I asked if he 
     might be an early thru-hiker, and he replied that indeed he was!
     We asked some usual questions:  he had started at Springer in 
     January; it was a mild winter; he was doing well feet & 
     injury-wise; he figured he was carrying a 35lb load.  While he 
     had heard of Wingfoot's & ALDHA's electronic forums, there was no 
     one in particular I could pass along a "hello" to.  As he seemed 
     a little shy or eager to get along, we said our goodbye's & 
     goodluck's and parted.
     About two minutes later, I realized that in my stunned amazement 
     to see a thru-hiker up here this early I had forgotten to ask his 
     name!!  So, if any of you who might be following or have met some 
     of the early-goers have an idea, I'd appreciate a reply.  Just 
     Distinguishing characteristics include medium build, brown hair, 
     a wristwatch & spherical compass on shoulder strap, a burlap roll 
     strapped on, and a quiet demeanor.  [I realize this is slim]
     FYI & Thanks!
     John & Anne Jones
     NY AT in '97

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