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Re: [at-l] so I tried duct tape, and it didn't work

At 04:23 PM 5/18/97 -0400, Ken Bennett wrote:
 >Memo to Dr Scholl's: You will be hearing from my attorney.

Well, we do have our own in-house counsel here on the AT-L.  I'm sure
Bamaman would have a ton to say about this...  :)

On the duct tape note -- has anybody heard that the glue in duct tape has
some sort of a chemical in it that actually helps heal wounds faster?
Honestly, I think I recall hearing this somewhere (and it wasn't in an ad
for ducttape, either).  Duct tape never ceases to amaze me...I wouldn't
doubt that this is true.  Anyone?

Desperately in need of fresh air,
:) Poohbear
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