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[at-l] so I tried duct tape, and it didn't work

Went for a short hike Saturday (5 miles on the back side of Grandfather 
mtn). I'm still breaking in new heavyweight boots, but they haven't 
given me any real problems on two longer hikes and lots of short park 

Until now. Mindful of the occasional hot spot on my heels and Achilles 
tendon area, I put on some moleskin before I put on my boots at the 
trailhead. Prevention being better than something. About a half mile up 
the trail, I noticed a bad hot spot on my left heel. Stopped, pulled off 
the boot, and found the moleskin rolled up in a little ball attached to 
the inside of my sock. Needless to say, the little ball of moleskin was 
ripping the heck out of my heel.

Memo to Dr Scholl's: You will be hearing from my attorney.

Now, seriously, I haven't had this problem before, so I put on a much 
larger piece of moleskin and kept on going. Same thing happened, but 
this time I got a huge blister. Ouch. Then I remembered the duct tape 
that was wrapped around my trowel handle. Tried some duct tape. Same 

By the time I came down the trail (and downhill was not painful, 
thankfully), I had gone through several large pieces of duct tape, and 
all of them ended up taped inside-out to my socks, and not covering the 
right spot on my heel.

Help!  I've never done the duct tape thing, and I've never had blisters. 
How do I get stuff to stick on my heel? If it's any help, I was wearing 
Thorlo Trekkers with a polypro liner sock. The only thing that I can 
think of is to tape my heel like athletes do, with strips that go 
basically all the way around the foot and ankle, but that sounds both 
hot and painful to remove. For those of you who use duct tape, how large 
a piece on your heel, and do you have problems with the corners coming 
up and sticking to your socks? How do you solve that problem?

Painfully yours,


BTW, I just attended the hooding for 150-odd law graduates, and the 
speaker, a distinguished judge and university president, told them:  
'Your clients will lie, your clients will cheat, your clients will 
steal, and occasionally your clients will kill somebody, and if you 
can't handle that, you shouldn't go into corporate law.'
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