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[at-l] from the trail: nater says hi!

hey all,

back in civilization for a while, i figure i should say hey.

i first want to thank lamar powell for the ride to springer.  you have no 
idea how much i appreciate that.

and now on to business.  i left springer on april 4.  been hiking since.  
been loving every single step of it too!  got here (damascus) 
today, may 16.  important stuff; started with trail runner's, threw them 
away in hot springs and have been hiking in tevas since. I'll probably 
get some new shoes here in town.  i've only seen one umbrella, lot's of 
dogs, and billions of beans. :0)  

once again, thanx for all the info, perhaps you'll get another update 
down the trail.


who now has the trailname of firebird

life is what happens when you are making other plans, or in my case, 
not making plans.
(i know, it's rather well used, that's why i personalized it :0)
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