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RE: [at-l] The Smokies


I spent 6 days last week (Sunday thru Friday) covering some 30 miles on day 
hikes in the Smokies -- for all except Friday Am (with rain), short sleeves 
were fine after 9 or 10 AM.  Got down into 30's and 40's at night.  Generally 
in the 60's from 9 - 5. 

Most trails had signs of recent maintenance -- except my 13 mile day -- up 
Laurel Falls 4 miles to the top had a couple downed trees, BUT the Cove 
Mountain Trail from the fire tower at the top of Laurel Falls to the Park 
Headquarters (8.4 miles) had around 50 trees across the trail, with a third of 
them being a real pain.  Did see 2 bear about 2 miles out from the 
headquarters, however. 

Also, Meigs Creek trail, in the rain Friday AM had some challenging (for 
balance -- not dangerously deep) creek crossings -- 12 of 13 major rock 
crossings were successful with my boots and Leki's.  (That translates into one 
slip and full boot of water).

Some snow was visible from town on the highest elevations in the park.


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