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Re: [at-l] Gatoraid

tfort wrote:
> How many of you carry something like gatorade powder on your trips?
> Is it worth the extra weight?

I carry powdered lemonade & carbohydrate powder (currently Twinlab Ultra
Fuel) which I mix 50-50 (the carbo stuff isn't so tasty by itself.  I
think its worth the weight - the carbo powder is about 130
calories/ounce & the lemonade about 100 calories/ounce.  Less than fat,
but comparable to other carbohydrate-intensive foods.  The carbo powder
is also laced w/ B vitamins, which distance hikers tend to grow
deficient in, since they're lacking in a lot of processed foods.

I almost always use the stuff in my on-the-trail water, about 2
quarts/day.  Depending on how strong I make it, that's worth 600 - 900

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