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[at-l] TNF Tourlight Sleeping Bag

It arrived yesterday!  I broke down and spent the bucks for something 
I'm only hoping I get to use more.  Total weight: 1 lb, 14 oz (+/- a 
few grams).  PolarGuard 3D.  Rated at 35 degrees.  $165 from 
Campmor.  I'm 6'3" and can stretch out to the max without 
restriction.  It stuffs down to just a tad bigger than a football but 
still small enough to be used as one (I like my gear to have more 
than one use).  I'll be testing it out in the mountains near Brevard 
this weekend (testing it as a sleeping bag -- it has already passed 
the football test).  I'll report back then how "cool" (warm) this bag 

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