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Re: [at-l] Duct Tape and Moleskin

On 14 May 97 at 17:54, HOLMES, MARK wrote:

> Seeing all these posts on Ducttape makes me wonder how well it works
> compared to Moleskin on hot spots?  How easy does it peel off once
> applied? We hiked in '95 with "Silverfoot" - guess how he got his
> trail name?

For me, in most cases, it works better... depending on the
sensitivity of the hot spot.  Duct tape (I prefer 100mph tape),
being much thinner, will go unnoticed in your sock.  It is superb at
preventing blisters on spots you are used to getting them on. 
However, if the spot is really hot (sensitive) and on the way to
forming a blister, you might want moleskin or even mole foam
depending on how much padding you need. 

As far as peeling off... it can be a challenge.  If the feet are 
sweating enough it will be a little easier.  Otherwise, it's better 
to let it stay on there for a while...  Maybe that's why I use it, 
you set it once and forget it.  This is also why you don't want to 
put it on a spot that is really, really sensitive.

aka Greenfoot?
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