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[at-l] Making a temporary carrier

I learned an interesting way to make a temporary carrier
out of something like a bandana.  Lots of people know
about the method of tieing opposite corners together
with square knots to make a floppy open pouch.

This second way secures the contents better.
1. Tie two corners together on one side.
2. Place contents on fabric.
3. Lift other two corners and bring one corner around
   each side of tied side so that the stuff is
   inside and the the two corners come around to
   the outside.
4. Tie these two corners together on outside of first
   tied side.
5. Pick up carrier by knot of first tied side.
   There will be a hole under the knot between the
   knot and the original edge of the bandana.
6. You can slip your arm through this hole to carry the
7. The second side slides down to cover the contents.
8.  Since square knots are somewhat of a challenge
   to untie once any weight has been put on them,
   I asked some knot experts for suggestions of other
   knots to use.  The response I got was that the
   square knot was the best, but that small sticks
   could be inserted in the knot as it was being
   tied.  Then when you want to untie the knots, break
   the sticks and pull them out.  The hole where the
   stick was located will give your fingers more room
   to untie the knot.

Also, does anyone have other suggestions for uses for
bandanas?  Some I know are:

1. Pre water filter
2. Hat
3. Belt
4. Washcloth
5. Sling or bandage
6. Halter top


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