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Re: [at-l] Wierdness

On Tue, 13 May 1997, B&KP wrote:

> Sorry this is off topic, but is anyone else out there getting old posts,
> that *they* personally sent to the list, sent back to them by  "BERT M
> EWING" <ewingb@lanecc.edu> ?  I just got 10 of them myself...  Thanks!
> Slainte,
> Cindi

 Looks like we have a misbehavin' mail server - not ours - someone on the
list. Sounds like it's bouncing the message due to some technical problem
but instead of honoring the 'return to list owner' header and sending
directly back to the sender (you).
 Please forward one of the bounces and I'll look into it.


    milt webb - iq software corporation - 3295 river exchange drive
     norcross, georgia usa 30092 - 770/446-8880x245 - www.iqsc.com

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