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[at-l] "Wingfoot's List"

Jim Owen has implied some incorrect things about the ATML mailing list, and
I would like to correct those impressions. He implied that free commment is
not possible. Not so. Any idea or comment may be discussed or disagreed
with, as long as it is centered on the Appalachian Trail and hiking AND is
respectful of other viewpoints, same as this list. No one can make
disparaging remarks about another person on ATML, however. You may disagree
with their views, but you cannot personally attack them. Several people
involved in a flame war, including Jim, were removed by me from ATML for
violating this latter rule. After their removal, the list returned to its
regular pattern of discussion, and we had some very fine viewpoints shared
with everyone freely sharing their views without fear of being attacked
personally, and we are continuing to do so. ATML is dedicated to the free
discussion of ideas in the AT community, but personal attacks on list
members by other list members will not be tolerated. I think that this is
in keeping with the spirit of the AT community. Thanks.--Wingfoot 
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