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Re: [at-l] All the Way's Journal (4/26-4/28)

Jim Owen wrote:
> Jan -
> I don't think you have ALL of the picture yet.  I'm a little sensitive
> right now cause I was involved in a small flame war on Wingfoots
> list 
> Walk softly,

Small?!?!? The Philadelphia "Move" Fire wasn't that big :-) But, I agree 
with your point. Either read through it, or don't read it. I, personally, 
don't like the religious content. But without it, she's not saying what 
she wants to say. And what right is it of mine to tell her to or not to 
say this or that?  As long as the content is occasionally trail-related, 
its good enough for me. (Are any  of my posts Trail-related?)


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