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[at-l] Quarter ounce radio

Greetings from another newbie.  I've been monitoring for a month or so now and 
love it.  Hope to do the AT in a year or two if/when I retire. Just got back 
from 50 miles day hiking over 6 days in the GSMP.  Only rained Friday morning 
-- rest of the time was excellent weather. 

A couple of the recent postings talked about checking out 3 or 4 oz. radios.

Flying back to O'Hare a few weeks ago, I found the following in the "Sky 
store"? magazine:

"The World's Smallest FM Radio Produces Big Sound
It hides in your ear and weighs less than a quarter (yes -- 1/4) ounce. -- yet 
delivers clear reception and fabulous amplified sound.  Digital tuner accesses 
the full FM band, from Country to Classical stations.  Features a high quality 
speaker, scan and reset buttons, plus volume control.  Detachable local and 
distance antennas make sure you get every station on the waves.  Includes a 
protective case, ear clip for a snug fit and batteries.  90 day warranty.  
Size: 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/4".
956020 D  - WORLD'S SMALLEST FM RADIO $29.95"

The magazine listed the phone # as 1-800-362-5500.  I expect that shipping, 
handling, tax is all extra.

I have NOT bought one yet, so can't attest to the quality.

Happy trails,


Chuck Schroeder
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