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Re: [at-l] VT/NH on Memorial Day

At 12:14 PM 5/12/97 -0400, Jason Johnson wrote:
>What's the climate like in VT/NH during this time of year? 

Well, NH has been windy, rainy and in the 40's - 50's during the day the
past few weeks.  Today, however, it is sunny and about 65 (I've been doing
my "sun and warm weather dance" again, thank you very much).  Nights,
however, are a different story -- in the 20's and 30's the past few weeks
and WINDY.  

If you plan on hiking, however, that adds a new twist.  The mountains are
still deep with snow and have been significantly colder.  Some friends hiked
last weekend and used snowshoes on a 3,000 footer.   "Da Bowl" (Mt.
Washington's extreme ski area) picked up 17 new inches of fresh powder on

Unlike VT, however, the bugs are out here.  I was at a BBQ last Friday
(freezing my butt off in shorts) and got eaten alive by those nasty little

That's all from the weather channel,
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