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[at-l] New Software from MSR

*Press Release*

Long respected in the outdoors gear field, MSR is now branching out into
the world of internet software in search of a new niche.
The manufacturers of the Whisperlight stove proudly announce the
Whisperlight E-mail Program.

In response to the apparent need of backpackers and other outdoors-persons
for defensive e-mail, MSR introduces the first auto-flaming e-mail

The program must be primed to work properly, prefferably with an offhand
comment or philosophy of hiking.  Once working it requires a fuel source.
The Whisperlight International E-mail can handle many types of fuel,
including umbrellas and nudity, while the less expensive model runs only
on "hike your own hike" fuel.

-During priming, the program has a tendancy to flare up suddenly
into CAPITAL letters.  Should this happen, cut off the fuel source by

-During operation, the sound of the flames is often louder than expected,
promting lurkers from nearby sites to speak up.

-It should also be noted that often even though the fuel valve has been
shut off, the flames can sputter for a while, refusing to die out.

Peak 1 is expected to announce their competing program which they say is
less hot, but more controlable: "perfect for simmering about beans"

I'm no Bamaman, 
Jeffrey Mosenkis           MAPSS Student            University of Chicago
               *Freelance Joking Avunculate For Hire*

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