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Re: [at-l] Whisperlite Flambe

> Jim Mayer wrote:
> Yikes Jim...your very lucky!!
> Can I offer two words of advice..Zip Stove<<<<VVBG>>
> Seriously, it was stories like this that convinced me to go for a 
> 'smoker'.  Even watching other people's liquid stoves flare up when
> lit scares the beans right out of me!  Are there any stoves, other
> than my ZZZipper, that don't endanger life and limb in normal usage?
> Are they supposed to go whosh when you light them?  

	Hi Kahley,

	I have used only one kind of stove so far and it has
	given me excellent service - Bluet, the little blue
	Gaz cannister stove.  I am forever surprised to not
	hear about this make in any discussion.  I think the
	reasons for its unpopularity are not easy fuel
	availability as white gas, and that it does not perform
	as well as others at low temp./high altitude
	combinations.  Well, I have used it at freezing temps.
	and have had no problem whatsoever.  And ofcourse you
	don't have to worry about setting the world afire with
	this stove.  Any other Bluet users out there?

> And do you think the cold water on the hot tank was the cause of the
> crack? Or did the heat do it?  What is the explosive equivelent of
> a 22oz bottle of white gas as compared to dydnamite or M-80s or 
> thermonuclear devices?  Uninformed hikers want to know!!!
> Am I unrealistically paraniod since the furnace blew up and tossed me
> across the room?
>  I may break down and reassemble the stove at
> > the beginning of each season just to make sure everything looks good.
> Excellent advice no matter what stove you use....Kahley
> > 
> > -- Jim Mayer

	Later, folks.  Have a nice weekend.

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