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[at-l] Flames...

	I for one like my Whisperlight.  There is a fine line trying to
get it to warm up without taking off your eyebrows.  What I have learned
is to let just a little fue trickle into the cup.  Then light, when the
flame is just going out, open up the fuel and adjust as necissary.
	The amount of fuel in the cup is the key to keeping hair on your
face.  I listen for the trickling sound in the fuel line and keep a close
eye on the cup.  Once some starts to come out, I cut it off.  There is
just about always just enough to get things going.
	About the only times that the stove flares up is when I try to
relight the main blaster.  Usually there is not enough pressure on the
bottle or the tube is not quiet hot enough to vaporize the fuel.

-=phil(inserts his 2cents)

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