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[at-l] Re: Sneakers

At 11:06 PM -0400 5/7/97, A.S.Meislahn wrote:
>Calling all sneaker Hikers,
>	I decided to go the sneaker route while hiking.  Just about any pair of
>boots I've ever worn have given me blisters after walking/hiking several
>miles even after I thought the boots were broken in.  So I went and
>bought a pair of Nike Gridstar Crosstrainers, put on a 35lb pack and
>took of on a day hike thru an area of the AT here in New York that has
>just about every kind of terrain.  The sneakers held up great,  no
>blisters,  the sneakers being lighter left me with more control and more
>feel of the ground under me. I've done the same hike with boots and I
>had alot more energy left in my tank when the hike was over.
>	I'm interested in finding out the other types of sneakers that other
>sneaker hikers wear and any other positives as well as negatives of
>sneaker hiking.
>Andy (Brown Hawk)

Some negatives on sneakers some of my hiking friends have experienced:

1. Could not walk up a trail that was a "steam" because of the wet weather.
With wickingsocks and gortex boots, the feet always stayed dry as long as
water was not over the boot.

2. Had to stay clear of mud but not with the boots, charge right thorough.

3. I also have hiking friends with "ankles" that sprain easy, the hiker
boot served as "support". Stopped sprained ankles.

4. Also going down mountains on rocks, those with soft sneakers, banged their
feet up on the rocks.  Lots of rocks on those White Mountains.

5. When wet, some sneakers where slippery on wet, glazed polished rocks.

but one can always slip on Nike Air Kolob, Merrel Manzanillo
sandals for scrambling or a Teva Sandal and let those
toes reallybreathe. If your really into nature's best shoe, build up those
callouses can go barefoot!

tom "hikenet" caggiano

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