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[at-l] Klipspringer in Hot Springs

Lionel "Klipspringer" Dreyer is in Hot Springs, where he intends to spend
at least one more day, recuperating, putting back some of the 15 lbs he's
lost, trying to allow the balls of his feet time to stop burning and
generally "restoking."

A few days ago, he was so cold, wet and tired of continually going uphill
that he was seriously thinking of quitting...  Anyone got any words of
encouragement and advice re his feet that I can pass on for when he calls

He's linked up with a group of German and Swiss hikers and they meet each
evening, so at least he's got some people to talk to.

Will he make it to Damascus in time for Trail Days?  Think that would be a
great experience if he could..

Pat Dreyer

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