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[at-l] *Advise for newbie to AT*

A friend and i are projecting to go hike on the AT or may be the long
trail in Vermont soon.

Need advise on: -What is the earliest we can go vs weather
-what is the confortable pace shall we assumed (millage per day)
-How is the water ei easy to find but contaminated
-Tips on what gear to bring
-Shall we expect to meet animals ei bears etc.
-How long for a first time AT hike should we stay
-Where can we camp free of charge

As for closing, i must say that we are to 30 something male in good
healt with previous hiking experience, and we can take about 10 days of
from our regular schedule, and that we are projected this trip for the
first week of june 97.

Thank you, and best regards

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