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[at-l] More on Nudity

On the Baltimore, MD news Channel 2,  Sunday May 4th, a man was arrested
for exposing himself in public to a few children.  He did nothing more than
to show himself.  Was this a problem the children had with nudity or just a
problem the police and parents have with nudity?  You are right that we are
all free to choose what we wish to do and where we want to do it but we
have to be prepared to accept the consequences of those choices. 
       As far as judging,  this is a necessary part of learning and
growing.  How are we to govern ourselves if we have no standards by which
to judge right from wrong?  As a Christian,  I never judge the sinner and
if you thought that from my previous post, I'm sorry.  We judge our "acts" 
to be be acceptable or unacceptable to God by His standards.   
     When our forefathers set up this great nation under God it was never
intended as a "do whatever makes you feel good" society.  That is why they
wrote laws.  That is why we have a Judicial system built into the
constitution, to judge what is right and to uphold the laws of society.  
     I work with youth and I listen to the wayward.  When asked why they
are rebelling and doing things that would hurt themselves or others
"always" the reply is, "I just want to do what "I" want to do." How many
kids have quit school, live on the streets, do drugs and get into trouble
with the law because of that attitude?  No, I say, civilized society is
governed by laws and does not work well without them as we see in many
countries involved in civil strife.  Look at the riots in LA, look at
Boznia, Ethopia, Russia.  Many people become lawless animals when there are
no laws.  In our exercise of freedom we must remember that we are all
governed by societal standards because left to our own devices many  would
say anything goes.    
Happy Hiking and God Bless,  
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