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Re: [at-l] Sections in NE

Michael D. Day wrote:
> I have hiked most of the CT AT section.  Can anyone suggest some rather
> remote and aesthetically pleasing sections in the North East, i.e., 
The section from the CT border north to Jug End in MA, while relatively
short  is quite nice .. Bear Mtn., Sages Ravine, Race Mtn., Mt. Everett,
Jug End...  I've hiked this section a number of times as a weekend hike
and love it every time.  I usually park at the Undermountain Trail (on
CT highway 41, I believe), then use Undermountain Trail to access the
AT.  Unfortunately, there's no good loop hike that I know of, so there's
usually a hitch back to the trailhead.

Big Blue Frog
...one section at a time...
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