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[at-l] AT hike

Hi All,

Three friends and myself just finished a section of the AT from VA 615
approx. 50 miles into Pearisburg.  We started on the 20 of April and
finished on the 26th.  It rained or drizzled most of the time with the
temperatures mostly in the 40 and low 50s.  Some of the thru-hikers we met
were Sao, Stryder and sea turtle at the Pearisburg motel, the Kentuckey
Derbys at Helvey Mill Shelter, White Mtn Bob passed us.  A father and Son
team from Alaska passed us on our way to Jenny Knob shelter along with
another male hiker who didn't stop long enough to give his name.  They were
all in a frantic hurry.  Wolfwoman and Trail Trooper stayed with us at
Jenny Knob.  Trail Trooper was doing 3 month trip mileage and was pretty
cheerful under the 3o mile day circumstances.  Wolfwoman was a real find as
she is hiking to raise money for breast cancer research and there was two
survivors in our four person hiking group.  We all talked late into the
evening about survival, middle age, children, hiking and adventures.  I'd
like to urge anyone with the notion to think about a donation for her hike.
If interested make the checks out to Breast Cancer Research Program, and
mail to Ellen Wolfe, 3623 Bartlett Dr., East Lake Estates, Cookeville Tenn.
38506. She is going strong on her hike and unfortunately much faster than
us section hikers and we didn't see her again but read her entries.
  Many other hikers passed us as the days went by.  The names I remember
were Bacon double cheeseburger, Jake, Moving on up, and the Optimist.
Tippycanoe and Bomber spent the night with us at Doc's Knob and were
wonderful company.  Bomber has a rigid schedule and was working hard not to
let it interfere with his fun and Tippy wasn't going to let anything
interfere with his fun, Period.  He seemed to have the attitude along with
wolfwoman that I most envied on the trail-this was the adventure of a
lifetime and to be savored and experienced to the fullest.  These
thru-hikers are luckier than they ever imagine - free to walk up the
eastern seaboard to see what they can see.
  We stayed in the Rendezvous motel in Pearisburg because of our number and
convenience and there were many strange things that we experienced there,
Altho the price is right and the owners accomodating, quite a lot of
dangerous behavior occurred there in the socializing between the hikers and
the owners.  Guns were being handled and shown off while all the
participants were well inebriated and the next morning the hangover were
extreme enough that we finally persuaded the owner to let us drive us in
her car.  When we returned at the end of our trip, the hangover situation
was duplicated.  I'm not sure this is a good situation for future shuttles
or even motel stays but people could use their own judgement, I'm sure.  I
think there is many different accidents waiting to happen there.
  Our trip was fantastic as usual, rain and all and I'm looking forward to
my next section this summer with equal enthusiasm.  533 miles to go!
                                        Dot MacDonald (D-Train)

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