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[at-l] Squirrels (not nude ones either! <g>)

Um, I have a problem (no wisecracks out there!).  A couple of weeks ago, I
discovered that we had a squirrel in our basement.  I got a close look at
him and he looked as though he'd gone a round or two with another critter
larger than himself (some fur missing off the shoulder & the tip of his tail
gone).  Could possibly have been my cat or one of our dogs, but our dogs
don't have access to the basement and I can't figure on how my cat would've
gotten ahold of him (not to mention he's not the "killer" type - he plays
mice to death more than anything I think..).  Anyway, here's the problem(s):
1) he's not a he; he's a she, and    2) she had babies in our basement!  =:-O  

Anyone know anything about squirrels (or else have a set of encyclopedias or
something else you could look up the info in)?  We have wildlife books, but
they have nothing specific in them & our encyclopedias are packed away
somewhere in Never-Neverland...  What we'd like to know specifically is how
old are the babies before mom starts leading them out of the nest on "day
trips"?  We're going to be moving at the end of May, and this could be a
problem.  We've got live traps down there but she seems pretty adept at
stealing the birdseed & then springing the trap, leaving it empty. :)  Just
as well, as I'd rather the whole family left at the same time instead of
possibly having anything untoward happen to the youngsters...  We also leave
the window open down there all day every day, and  yesterday mom was spotted
running around the yard, but no babies.  When will they leave???<!>  

Thanks a bunch for any info!  I figured I'd ask you all since you're a bunch
of nature buffs for the most part anyhow! :))
Squirrelly yours,

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