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[at-l] Maine-NH Trail

Was out on the trail yesterday....hiked into Gentian Pond Shelter (first
shelter in NH for South bounders).
There is still a fair amount of snow in the shaded areas and north facing
slopes, even though the shelter is only at 2165'.......didn't go up on any
of the peaks, but could see SW from the shelter into NH towards the Carter
Moriah range and those peaks are still pretty snowy. Hope to get out for an
overnight next WE, so might have a little more info about trail/peak
It was great to be out there yesterday and my mind/body/spirit quickly
settled into the awesome space that is there every day on a
thru-hike....taking in the little things like: the smell of a spruce fir
branch or the sound of the wind buffeting the trees across from the
shelter, water trickling out of overhanging rocks or watching a strong gust
of wind blow dead leaves from the ground back up into the trees on a steep
hillside......by the end of the day I was wanting to catch a plane to
Georgia.....a year ago today the Georgia sun was burning my Yankee hide as
I struggled up Blood Mt on my 3rd day out;  I marvel now at  the crazy way
time passes in the "real" world with all its responsibilities compared with
the stillness and slowing down that happened with my 5 months on the trail.

to all of you out there and heading out there for the summer  
ENJOY.......it is such a gift....

'nuff rambling

Maine Rune  S to K  '96
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