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[at-l] avoiding dirty dishes

I really hate washing dishes, and I believe that the one time I got
really sick on the trail was due to unsanitary dishes rather than
contaminated water (I filtered religiously on that trip). So before my
recent section hike I was trying to come up with a way to avoid dirty
dishes. I got an idea from those freeze-dried meals that you just add
hot water to and eat right out of the bag:  Before hitting the trail,
dump instant oatmeal, powdered milk and garnish (raisins, dates,
whatever) into a ziplock baggie.  Boil enough water to prepare the
oatmeal, and dump it right into the baggie (carefully), stir and enjoy. 
When finished, zip the bag and pack it out.  Voila!  No breakfast dishes
to wash.  In my case, it also allowed me to ditch the small bowl that I
previously carried for this purpose. 
Note:  I tried this at home before adopting it on the trail, since I
wasn't sure a regular baggie would hold boiling water! 
So, a question -- Does anybody have any ideas on how to prepare other
meals without creating any dirty dishes?  (Other than just eating
cold/snack foods all the time)
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