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Re: [at-l] Female Nudity

Stop it, My leg is beginning to hurt you have pulled it so much.

>Do most guys like this nudey thing?  I think most gals would be less
>inclined to go nude as they have a lot more to lose when a pervert is
>turned on by their nudity.  We were on the trail in May of 1988 three miles
>from where two girls were shot in PA.  One was killed and the other
>wounded, Wight and Brenner were their names.  The story in the newspaper
>here was that the murderer was spying on them from a distance with the
>scope on his rifle as the girls were running around the shelter area in the
>nude.  The girls were lesbians and he was angry at their rejection of him.
>You just never know who is watching and what is on their mind.  To be safe,
>this female writer avoids anything that may turn on a perpetrator including
>nude hiking.  Would that be fair to my Bogey to have to defend me from what
>I inadvertantly started by my own bad choices?  How many perverted women
>have you heard of spying on nude men and then plotting to molest them?  How
>many perverted men/boys have you heard of spying on naked women/girls who
>then plot to take what is not theirs.  Lets not turn on the switches that
>invite the flood.   Happy Hiking and God Bless, Slim
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