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[at-l] C-YA

YEAH for ME,
	Exams are over and I'm headed for the woods!!! I hope to be at
Konnarock for some trail skills workshop for the rest of this week and a little
R&R. After that I will be starting a new job (co-op) for the summer and until
december. I will not have access to the net and the at-l and will miss everyone
even though I had not contributed much, but rather more "lurking" as you put
it. But I do thank everyone that responded to my requests for help and I think
this is a great forum for info and trail talk.
	I am really going to miss the up dates on thru hikers and journals, and
I would like to wish everyone the very best and safest hiking. I am so relieved
that I'm done wiht exams it has been a stressful year. I hope to have a new out
look on everything from now on.
	Take care all and hope to see ya on the trail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brent Forbis
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