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[at-l] Nudity

The thinking hiker's guide to practical nudity:
1) Get nude if it moves you
2) Be nude with yourself and mother nature (she goes nude alot too)
3) Become temporarily un-nude again when other, potentially nudity-disliking
   individuals round the bend by whipping out that spare bandana and cloaking
   all items which by definition create nudity.  They'll get the point
   without staring it in the face, and at minimal cost to nude hiker.
4) Note your practical, thoughtful approach to citation-weilding rangers who
   would vanquish your personal freedoms.  Get on their good side with
   sensible nudity.
5) As with all else, simply step outside yourself for a time and see the
   other sides.  Defend yours, respect the others.
6) Wash bandana thoroughly in camp.

- Blister>Free '96
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