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[at-l] pick-apart-a-pack

well, gotta put the money where the mouth is.

after giving suggestions to many others, i guess it's only fair that i
expose the contents of my pack for you all to pick over.  this is a very
personal thing, you know, doing this for the first time.

this is what i am packing for my 5 day trail days trip.  it is what i would
now pack for a thru hike, excepting long underwear and either a bag liner
or warmer bag for an early start/late finish, and possibly a pair of camp
socks or water mocs.

things not on the list:  still waiting for my new pair of one sport Vitesse
trail running shoes;  my two south carolina bamboo hiking poles, which i
will pick up in damascus; an "office" consisting of pen, journal, data book
pages, handbook pages, travellers checks, drivers lic, credit card, ATM,
medical insurance, postcards; 40ft of cord.

things i've noticed in going thru this exercise:
this is the first time i've weighed every individual item on a postal scale
to the tenth of an ounce.  previously i would weigh the big things, and
then the whole pack.  i'm most disappointed in the weight of the backpack +
hipbelt pockets + straps:  5 lbs!!!  i love my mountainsmith, but this is
ridiculous.  still, nothing else comes close in comfort for me.  my camp
trails "kitchen" is heavy - think i'll replace it with a light stuff sack.
my heavest piece of clothing is my jacket at 11.8 oz - woohooo!  a well
stocked first aid kit does not have to be heavy.  there are alot of weight
savings hiking with a partner, even with a bigger tent.

anyway, if you see something i can't, let me know.  still working towards
under 20lbs

Item							wt (oz)
Mountainsmith Telemark				80
Pack cover						6.2
Walrus Swift + ground sheet				56.8
FF Rock Wren + OR stuff sack			35.2
3/4 Ridgerest + stuff sack				13.8
Trangia Westwind + windscreen +				
   3oz fuel + stuff sack				12.3
22oz Fuel bottle (full) + 2yd duct tape		25.4
PUR Pioneer + spare disk +stuff sack		8.5
MSR Dromedary						5.4
Evernew Ti 1.9L pot + stuff sack			9.2
Sealable Nalgene "tupperware"			4.6
Bakepacker						4
Camp Trails "kitchen"				16.3
includes	spices			
	parmesan cheese			
	tabasco sauce			
	liquid butter			
	powdered milk			
Lexan spoon						0.4
Bamboo spatula					0.4
Liquid soap + scrubby				2
OR stuff sack for food (w/proof)			3.4
32oz Nalgene						3.6
16 oz Ultimate sport bottle				2.6
butt pad (portion of a ridgerest)			2.2
Royal Robbins Zip'n'Go pants/shorts		10
Royal Robbins Ultralight ripstop nylon jkt	11.8
Royal Robbins Hot Springs polartec 100		10.4
RR Go Everywhere T					8.1
RR Go Everywhere supplex l/s shirt (camp/town)	9.7
Running shorts (camp)				2.8
2 pr wool socks					8.2
2 pr polypro liners					2.1
Stuff sack for clothes				1.7
Wool felt fedora					4.5
AAA mini mag						0.9
2 lighters						1.2
mini carabiner					0.8
mini buck knife					0.7
Olympus Stylus + neoprene case			9
Silva compass						1
Map + ziplock						0.9
TP							2.5
Trowel							2
Backpackers towel					1.5
Wash/First Aid/Repair Kit				15
includes	travel toothbrush			
	tooth powder			
	isopropyl alchohol (for feet)			
	vet wrap (replaces ace bandage)			
	vitamin I			
	severe cold formula			
	hydrocortisone gel			
	neosporin packets			
	athletic tape			
	ripstop tape				
	safety pins				
	extra cord lock				
		TOTAL				397.1	oz

	minus clothes worn		22.75	374.35	oz
	ON THE BACK				23.4	lbs

thanks for your input...

ke kaahawe
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