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Re: [at-l] Please create new term

Lamar Powell wrote:
> If we define "thru-hiker" today then some future generation might find
> our postings in the crumbled ruins of this civilization and wonder why
> we were all so against hiking the AT!  Filex, you take it from here.
> Hopeful

I woke from a terrible, monkey-less dream last night, sweat streaming 
down my face. My ever-lovin' wife comforting me with her "There, there. 
There, there. Was it the monkey again?" I swallowed hard. "No." 
"What was it then? Rope burns again?"  "No." "Was it the one with the red 
crayons and the hot wax?" Twenty minutes of this questioning. I'll swear 
to you here and now:I forgot what the dream was about. But I'm certain 
beyond a doubt it contained the secret of what we should be called. 
Someday, I'll remember that dream. And then...


It ain't much, but try http://members.tripod.com/~Felixhikes/index.html

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