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[at-l] Springer Mountain,GA

Hi :)

I am trying to find the "exact" location for the foot of the AT. I know
that it can be accessed from Amicalola Falls via Southern Terminus Access
Trail but that's 8 miles from Springer Mountain. I need pretty good
directions (road numbers/closest town, etc..)

I have some friends that will be hiking the entire trail and need to put
them on it this Monday.

Any help would be appreciated. I am having a hard time finding a map via
MapQuest. I will be traveling from Atlanta, GA. I know it sounds odd that
being so close I can not easily find a route but I am just not sure of it's
exact location. "It" being the start (or finish) of The Appalachian Trail.

Thank you kindly :)


Jamie Callen * jamiec@mindspring.com * http://www.mindspring.com/~jamiec/

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