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Re: [at-l] Nudity

> Nature, Mother Earth, etc. are the gods of the New Age 
> environmentalists that "worship the creation rather than the 
> creator."  Don't expect people like this to understand your values.

Just a minor point here. I'm "one of those" people. I AM PAGAN (don't
call me new age, tho! :P ). I do worship nature and mother earth, but AS
CREATOR. Just because we're not christian doesn't mean we don't have
values or morals. In fact, most of the pagans i know have very strong
values. I'm not bashing christianity (my family is catholic), i'm just
making a point. we all share a profound respect for the earth and
keeping her healthy and alive: i think that is something *all hikers,*
whatever religion they are, should share! 

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