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[at-l] Peggy has a nicer home now, in a manner of speaking

You don't have to apologize to me Lamar - I'm on your side.  Some
of them were my buddies too.  Has anyone asked Peggy if she's
happier?  I'd give odds on the answer.

Walk softly,

>I get a little uneasy when "authorities" lock an otherwise harmless
>person in jail "out of concern for us." Pardon my paranoia, the last
>time someone in authority was looking out for me without being asked I
>ended up in southeast Asia. I'm still wondering why these compassionate
>people didn't "send" Peggy to a shelter or hospital first. Gee, wasn't
>she at a shelter to begin with?
>This is NOT a flame, I just still have a problem with infinitely wise
>people who, in the process of making a better world for us all, brought
>my buddies home is body bags.
>I apologized in advance if I have offended anyone..

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