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Re: [at-l] Ultra-Lite Backpackers

It's no joke, actually.  Dehydrated water is becoming a more and more 
popular option for ultralight minimalists in the backcountry.  All you need
to make it work is 1) a plant (any common household variety), 2) a tank of
pressurized hydrogen, and 3) a high-school starter electrolysis kit.  With
a little patience and a nice flat surface, one can bring forth water where
once there was only conjecture and misconception.  Interestingly, the concept
is a fully self-sufficient one, as the water required for the 1) plant can
be derived from the process itself.  Just think of the freedom, and dirty
looks from other hikers, one could derive here.
Then there's the no-weight pack, of course.  This model has a high horsepower
vacuum attached to it, and when you face the nozzle toward the body of the
pack, well, the cartoons illustrate it better than words...
- Blister>Free '96
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