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[at-l] Special places on the trail & meat that will keep

In response to Benjamin Forbis' (or was it JP Lynch's?) question about meat
that will keep on the trail, I found last year that summer sausage and
pepperoni sticks worked very well for as long as 7 days (my longest time
between resupplies).  I simply kept them in the original wrapper and cutoff
from one end as much as I needed for that day's lunch.  On a test hike I
tried pre-slicing and storing the slices in sandwich bags, but it seemed to
spoil much more quickly that way.  Eventhough the end of the sausage would
be differently colored (greyer) than the rest of the stick, it would still
be ok to eat.  

I hiked from Waynesboro, VA, to Andover, ME, and only encountered intestinal
distress once, from a cream soup kept not hot enough at a restaurant in Fort
Montgomery, NY.

As far as special places on the trail, I would definitely recommend stops at
the Graymoor Friary, Upper Goose Pond, MA, Apple Valley Inn, NJ, and The Inn
at Long Trail, VT. 
Laughing Man
Waynesboro, VA->Andover, ME '96
Katahdin by 2001

"And now that we have returned to the desultory life of the plain, let us
endeavor to import a little of that mountain grandeur into it.  We will
remember within what walls we lie, and understand that this level life, too,
has its summit and why from the mountain-top the deepest valleys have a
tinge of blue; that there is elevation in every hour as no part of the earth
is so low, that the heavens may not be seen from, and we have only to stand
on the summit of our hour to command an uninterrupted horizon."
                                Henry David Thoreau

>Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 11:23:05 -0500
>From: "Benjamin Brent Forbis" <bbforbis@eos.ncsu.edu>
>Subject: [none]
>Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 21:35:48 -0500
>>From: jplynch@crosslink.net (James P. "Jim" Lynch)
>Subject: Re: [at-l] Favorite Breakfasts?
>>It's also nice to occasionally take enough bacon with you from a resupply
>for a
>>couple of day's breakfasts.
>Anyone have any experience on who long bacon keeps on the trail?  Would
>other meats, like ham say, do better?  (Fresh we're talking about here, not
>James, I don't think I would even consider taking something like bacon on the
>trail unless you plan to eat it right away. If you are thinking of trying ot
>dehydrate it, don't, it will never make it. There is way to much fat in it to
>go rancid. On the other hand you might want to try some of the turkey bacon. I
>have not tried them to dry yet, I just don't trust the integrety (sp) of
>keeping something like that on the trail. It will also be subjective to the
>temps you encounter. As far as canned meats, I think they are good for many
>years, and unless the seals and seams look corroded I wouldn't worry about them

Christian E Rademacher
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.   USA

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