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[at-l] Rain Gear for those who sweat like a HOG

I know hogs don't sweat, but if they could, they would sweat like me!
I can be in 20 degree weather, hiking in all nylon and
polyester(shorts and t-shirt) and still sweat while going up hill.  Is
this normal?  Most of my friends don't sweat at all unless the sun is
beating right down on us.

  The rain gear I currently have works great for keeping out the rain,
but I sweat with that even more if I have to move around.  We set off
on a trip last November in the rain and started hiking up Unicoi Gap
in all of rain gear.  It was not 15 minutes that I was soaked from
sweat.  I don't want to start a rec.backcountry gortex war, but for
all of you heavy sweaters out here on the list, does gortex really do
you any good?  Right now, I have the el cheap nylon Campmor rain gear
set that I on over my shorts and t-shirt while in camp(winter).  I
have considered pit zips, but in real good rain storm that is going
just let more water  come in.

I have not wild plants to stay dry on my thru hike(nor this summer on
our month-long test trip).  I am mainly concerned with keeping dry
enough no to freeze in the winter time, and keeping water out of my
boots(the  gaiters work well). =20


Courtney Smith
One seventh of your life is spent on Monday.

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