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Re: [at-l] peak stove/living in the shadow of springer

I think the stove works great now with the replacement of the pump cup
and the generator!  I can't believe it....I had written the thing off
for dead. It is till quite un reliable, and I  don't like its non dual
fuel capacity for when we take longer trips.  I really need have more
than one option when it comes to fuel, so I bought a MSR
Internationale.  It works fine.  It took me a second to get that wick
thing down having used a coleman stove.  BTW, the apex series doesn't
have the type of pump that screws to seal it up.  Instead, it is
rather free to slide up an down. =20

About location:

I in a small town called Cornelia, which is about half way between
Ashville/GSP and Atlanta, but I go to school at North Georgia College
and State University which is in Dahlonega Georgia.  This is about 9
miles from Springer.  It takes me an hour to get to school from here
due to the two lane roads, but I can see most of the major mountains
on the AT in GA from my back porch.  From the way the trail goes
through GA on all of its 76 miles, the mountains are in a tight
straight line from my vantage points.  Living as  close as I do, you
would think that I would hike every weekend, but with a 20 hour
quarter and in cooperative weather, I go about one per month.  I drive
parallel with the trail for most of  the way and on some days I just
want to take that right instead left and tell everyone to go to hell.
With the way I have laid out my time table for next year, it looks as
if I may miss my graudation, but then there is always grad school
graduation to look forward to.

How far is the AT from Wilmington?

>	One thing I forgot to mention earlier that I have had trouble with you
>might want to check. Before you pump you have to turn the pump to loosen=
 it and
>then cover the hole and pump, uncover the hole and pump, ect... Are you
>unscrewing the pump enought to get air in??? If you don't unscrew it far=
>you will get to where only four or five pumps and similar to what you =
>	I'm not familar with where the places are that you are going, I hope
>you weren't hurt in your fall!! I have to be very careful when I do my =
>because my knees are trashed. Four scopes on one knee and 1 on the =
other. I
>couldn't afford another fall. My friend (Solophile) is doing the trail =
>in march(mid), how far are you from springer? Are you in school in UGa.?=
 I am
>at NCSU for Chemical Engineering this is only my 2nd semester here. I
>transferred from UNC@wilmington. What are you studying ? I guess since =
you said
>a rare privilige you are like me during school and can't really get to =
>trail as much as yu'd like. I hope I can make it very soon, but tests =
>keeping me hostage!!
>Specking of which I really have to go study for one now and meet a study=
>for some project work. Hope my suggestions help, wish I could tear it =
down for
>you ,

Courtney Smith
One seventh of your life is spent on Monday.

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