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[at-l] RE: shelter register rules

Perhaps another unwritten rule should be "Thou shalt not take a full register if
it has been left by another hiker".  I understand that a very small percentage
of "mailing instructions" are actually carried out.  This was the case for the
register I left in the Jenny Knob Shelter near Pearisburg VA.  Most people offer
to reimburse 1 or 2X the postage and send along some baked goods to your next
mail drop.  Other registers are left by trail maintainers, parks and other
owners/maintainers of the shelter and land around it.  These registers are
usually picked up by the people who left them...that is, you shouldn't walk off
with it yourself. Another thing that was a bit frustrating was that some early
northbound hikers or late southbounders had left a whole lot of registers, not
giving the rest of the crowd a chance to drop their own.

Sir Goober Peas

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