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Re: [at-l] three questions

At 7:27 PM 2/8/97, Robert Rubin wrote:

>Having read that Tincture of benzoin is a good foot toughener, I bought
>some at REI. The bottle gives usage directions, but says its intended use
>is making tape adhere better. Question B: How do you use it to toughen

The stuff is really sticky and makes a mess, so I use it overnight.  I put
it on all over my feet, let it dry as much as its going to (feels tacky),
and then put on very thin cotton socks.  I then go to bed.  In the morning,
I wash it all off, then do the same routine the following night.  I use it
for 5-7 nights in a row; any more doesn't seem to make a difference.  By
the end of the week you should notice that the skin is noticeably tougher.

I do this routine about a week before the start date of the hike.

Hope this helps,

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