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[at-l] Hi All

Hi All,

It has been a long time since I have been on this list, but now I am 

For those that I didn't meet at the AT-L dinner at "The Gathering", my 
name is "High Tech" and I hiked for three months on the AT last year. 
No I did not quit the trail, I only had three months off from work. I should 
have quit that job and did the whole thing (Since I ended up quiting 

I now live in Mississippi (just moved) and am looking for AT hikers down 
this way to hook up with for local hikes and mabe to hike the rest of the 
trail with one day (as one hunk from VA to ME or in sections I am not 

I will be glad to answer questions about my experiance. I learned a lot 
in the three months! 

If you are going to hike the whole thing I ENVY YOU!!! 

Dan "High Tech" Kohn
GA -> VA '96
VA -> ME '??
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