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[at-l] pack cover/rain pants??

    Can't believe I only have two big purchases left... i think.  At least
one of them is turning out to be more of a pain than it's worth.
   All the outdoor stores here in Raleigh are out of pack covers, and say
they won't have any more for weeks.  Since time's getting kinda short... i
probably need to mail order something.       
I saw some posts a while back about mail order companies, but i can't
remember the names.  Any suggestions?  Advice about brands would be helpful,
too.  I've got a large Dana ArcLight Glacier.

   I gotta buy rain pants, too.  I'm not really up for shelling out bucks for
Gore-tex, but if anybody cares to try to convince me, I'd like hear.  Brand
advice would be good, too.

   And one other thing... it seems most of you on this list know each other
pretty well, so it occurs to me that I may not have been descriptive enough
in my introduction.  
   So if anybody cares... I'm 22... live in Raleigh, NC, went to Syracuse U
(any orangepeople out there?)  Till very recently was a TV news reporter here
in Raleigh.  I quit for other reasons, but it gives me a pretty good excuse
for a hike.  Not much long distance 'packing experience... never had time.
 Just overnites and long weekends.  Oh, and I'm originally from near Bristol,
   There.  I feel like we're all a little closer already.

  I've got one other question, but I'll put it in a separate message.
Later, y'all

LiveShot  '97
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