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[at-l] how crowded/looking for 'Geo'

Ok, next question...
  How crowded's it gonna be leaving springer in late march?  all the talk
about the AT's huge popularity makes me think it's gonna be like fighting
your way through a mall during december... only with not as many
tickle-me-elmo's.  (right?)
   How many hikers will i meet the first day if i leave on a weekend?  5? 10?
 50?  I know it's gonna depend on a lot of things, but just an idea of what
to expect would be nice.

  And...  do any '96ers know a hiker named "Geo"... or something similar to
that?  He's probably mid-thirties, dark hair, went to Syracuse University,
and I want to say he's a college professor from Rhode Island, but I'm not
   Don't really know him that well.  Just met him during a trip through
Harpers Ferry last year, and wanted to say hi.

All for now...


LiveShot  97

Ski trip to WIntergreen, VA tomorrow!!!  They say 5 inches fresh powder, but
you know these ski resorts... truth=ski report divided three... plus four
inches of ice... and minus about seventy bucks.   Oh yeah, and it's a lot of
fun, too.
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