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[at-l] down sleeping bags

I need a sleeping bag!  I have been putting off making  the big-ticket
gear purchases in the hopes of finding used gear at low-budget prices.
Didn't happen.  Is it feasible to find good-quality used gear for cheap?

I may have to (shudder) pay retail for new gear.  I would appreciate
veteran feedback on using a down bag for a thru-hike (with a bivy).  I
scanned the Gear Guide '97 and my untrained eyes lighted on these bags:

North Face Blue Kazoo rated at 20/35 temp range (whatever that means).
This bag is listed at an incredibly light 1 pound 3 ounces.  Is this
weight for real?  List price is $215.

Feathered Friends Hummingbird rated at 20 degrees, weighs 1 pound 12 oz
and lists for $233.  Getting to the edge of my upper price range here.
The Flicker 20-degree model is heavier (2 pounds) and cheaper at $180.

Western Mountaineering Apache is a 20-degree bag that weighs 2 pounds 2
ounces and retails for $250.

Moonstone Muir is 20-degree rated and weighs 2 pounds 6 oz, price is $235.

Other confusing data are the lengths.  I am 6 foot 4 inches, and the
"long" length given by manufacturers varies widely.  My naiive view is
that I wish that I could be happy with any 2.5 pound-or-less down bag in
the "long version,' preferably a used bag that I can get for $75-100--I'm
not picky.  IF I must pay retail big-$, though, I might get picky and look
for the best price/performance I can find.  Any feedback on this ramble?
Timothy Johnston

PS Thanks in advance for downy wisdom.

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