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Re: [at-l] three questions

Robert Rubin wrote:
> Three questions:
> I've got a little Olympus XA camera with a removable flash. Removing the
> flash would obviously save me weight. On the other hand, I wouldn't be able
> to take flash pictures. Question 1: Is there much occasion to take flash
> photos on a thruhike?

Ahhh, another XA owner.  The flash is great, if you take some time (and
test shots) to figure it out, fill flash will do much for your daytime
photos in many cases (so faces aren't lost in shadow).  Also good around
the shelter, when you finally have time to get a shot of some of your
fellow hikers.  Carry it.  You can always send it home at a maildrop
(but then, same is true for a tuba).  Seeing how you should have a
couple of spare batteries anyway for your light, the flash weighs next
to nothing.

(BTW, to all you thru-hikers:  On my section hikes over the years, I
have given away one thing time and again to thru-hikers desperate for
help.  What is it?  Spare mini-mag bulbs.  Take a spare!!!)

> Question III: What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

125 fps, dead and going down.

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