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Re: [at-l] Shelter register rules

greenway@marlin.innerx.net wrote:
> What are the rules or guidelines of etiquette for placing a new register at
> a shelter or crossing?  Are there any? My daughter & I live near Springer, &
> we've discussed putting one in a shelter somewhere along the Ga. section to
> be returned when it's filled.  How does one do that (aside from putting it
> in a ziplock and dropping it into the register holder)?  What do you do
> about getting it back?  When I went to Springer last month, there was one
> half-full register and another new one to be used later in the drawer.
> Suggestions?

Well of course there are no "rules", and I ain't an expert, but I've
heard that its considered impolite to drop a new register until the old
one's done.  (This provides an opportunity for the luck person behind
you to get theirs in.)  As far as getting it back, I notice that most
people promise to reimburse postage plus a reward (non-cash) in
gratitude.  This is generally written on the front inside cover, &
sometimes repeated at the back.  I dunno how often it works.

On a related note, does anyone besides me go crazy w/ the top-bound
registers?  I never can figure out which way is up, & half the time when
I finish a page, can't remember which way I was going through it!

-the Priest
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