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[at-l] Seal Coat Stuff Sacks

Just want to put my .02 worth about stuff sacks. IMHO Black Diamond Seal
Coat Stuff Sacks are the best. They are the most durable and water proof
sacks I've used. The coating is very durable.

Decided to replace the factory stuff sack that came with my Feathered
Friends Snow Bunting GTX. Per Colin Fletcher's "small-stuff-sack
fallacy" I bought a Seal Coat that was one size larger than the factory
sack. This allows the bag to tack shape to the bottom of my pack and I
can completely close the top and wrap the draw cord back around to
provide an air tight seal. Gee, I may leave my pack cover at home now!

Barry E. Henley - Riverdale, GA - USA
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